Female Commissioner, Zainab Congratulates Her Husband For Picking Up A 2nd Wife, Based On Her Request

A female politician, Zainab Abdallah, who works as a District Commissioner in Tanzania, has been trailed with mixed reactions online after she took to her Instagram page on Wednesday to congratulate her husband for marrying a second wife, just seven months after they got married.
The woman whose post caused a buzz on social media sent the congratulatory messages to her husband and CEO of Azam Club in Dar es Salaam, Abdul Mohamed Khoulan, and his new wife, Zainab, saying that she gave full support to her hubby to marry another wife due to the nature of her job.
In the statement, the politician also welcomed the new wife on board, who will now be assisting her in taking care of their husband.
Below is what she wrote in full:
“Let me take this opportunity to congratulate my husband @vanmohamed for marrying a second wife. Because my Islamic religious practice allows such an arrangement. I advised him to marry another woman. My decision to get a co-wife was triggered by the nature of my job, which forces me to travel away from home often, consequently depriving my husband of basic needs in a marriage.
“I thank him for understanding me and heeding to my request. I am glad to welcome on board @only_chibeb as a co-wife, who will help me in a big way to look after our husband, a responsibility which is very demanding.
“I receive @only_chibeb with both arms, and I pray God ensures peace reigns in our union so that we can live happily forever and ever.”

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