I face several challenges but the major one is disregard--HRH Tinuade Adejuyigbe

In an exclusive interview with HRH Tinuade Adejuyigbe, this is what she has to say about herself, the throne and her community at large...

1. Can you give us a brief background information about yourself?
*I am Tinuade Babalola Adejuyigbe,born on may 25th, the Traditional Ruler and community head of Iboropa Akoko. The fourth child of my father in a family that consist of 3 elder siblings and a younger one.
An advocate for girl/boy-child education and I am passionate about women affairs.

2. It is five years you have been on the throne,when exactas how did you become a regent?
*I was made Regent on the 23rd of February, 2015, shortly after Oba Emmanuel Ayowole Adejuyigbe,my father, passed on. I had to go through some traditional rites of passage before I was pronounced Regent.

3. What were you doing before you became a regent?
*I was a young girl trying to find grip on life, I was an undergraduate and I just got admitted into the University when the responsibility of ruling a community fell on me.

4. What has been your experience on the throne?
* Hmmm, I have had several experiences that has broaden my horizon and for a young girl who was trying to find her way then, the position has helped me to understand life and define my perspective about a lot of things. The greatest experience that I have had is in the performance of my administrative roles as a traditional ruler. I have had the privilege of addressing issues and solving problems pertaining to my community. Although I’m still learning everyday and trying to be a better person and a better ruler for my community.
5. What do you miss about your life before the throne?
* My family is a conservative family and being a princess, I was groomed to be simple and mindful of my actions. So,this position has become a way of life, so I can’t say that I miss much of the things I never had. But the one thing that I miss is being carefree and acting the way most people in my age would. I never got to do most of the things people of my age would.

6. What are the challenges you are facing as a young female regent?
* The position of a Regent is sacrosanct, therefore the roles she plays in her domain should not be profaned especially in conflict prevention and resolution. Regents are interring leaders expected to uphold the throne until a king is chosen to assume the throne. As a young Regent, I face several challenges but the major challenge is “disregard” because people often disregard the position as trivial. Most people see me as figure head sometimes having nothing to offer than the amount of wealth i have been able to acquire with the office which isn’t the case as i struggle daily to pay my bills,take care of my family and also help in developing my community.

7. At what age did you become a regent and how did you feel when you were asked to become one,especially considering your engagement with life then?
* I was 17years old, so I can’t say that I had any engagements before assuming the throne aside studying. I was devastated when my father passed on and I wasn’t expecting him to dies soon at age 57, although I knew the position would fall on us he’s  female children. So it was unexpected that I would be chosen the family thought the position would either fall on my elder sister or my younger,I never had the thought that it would be me.

8. What are you doing to empower the women in your community?
* Women empowerment is what everyone of us should be actively involved in. I plan to have a foundation of my own very soon and I’m actively working on that. However, I have worked with several foundations and NGOs to ensure that the life of our women are made better. I have encouraged and facilitated campaigns to help reduce poverty, domestic violence and sexual assault against these women. I have also empowered them in their various lines of work the little way I could. I need help from people to facilitate the women empowerment programme. Not just that, and also for children.

9. Do you still have a social life and how do you relax?
* My social life has been relegated, I only have few close friends but I try at much as I can to unwind without going against customs and regulations of my community considering the fact that I’m a youth. Outside community work I engage in farming, I enjoy hiking, traveling and reading.

10. Perhaps already married how is the home front as a wife to your husband,(and if not yet)what are your plans towards this and are men not scared of your status to now propose marriage to you?
* well I’m not married yet and about men Being scared I would say that isn’t the case because I get messages daily from men on social media but I’m not ready for a relationship yet and besides traditions doesn’t permit me to get pregnant on the throne so for me celibacy is the deal.

11. What role have you been playing to ensure you and your people keep safe during this corona pandemic?
* I had a meeting with my chiefs and we asked the town crier to create awareness and inform the people of my town about the virus and make sure they practice social distancing.we also received hand sanitizer from the government which we distributed to each household.
12. What is the level of infrastructure in iboropa land,how close is the government and how are you facilitating development to your domain?
* well we are getting there soon,and so far the government are doing the best they can and I believe they can do better but personal I have plans I’m working on as regards infrastructure in my community.i I’m currently serving and once I’m done my commitment will be fully towards my community as I have spent the last 4 years trying to shuttle between my duties as a regent and my school(university).

13. What advice do you have for young people out there?
*. well my advice to our young generation out there is that they should all strive to be the best in whatever field they find themselves,and they should always know that they ain’t too young to take up leadership role in our society.

* I’m pleading to the government to recognize regents like myself more so that the general public can follow suit,we might not be a permanent kings but there are sacrifices make make to assist the government one way or the other.

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