Nollywood Sensation Kikelomo Oguntade Unveils the Epic Journey of her Cinematic Masterpiece in Upcoming Project

Kikelomo Oguntade, the rapidly emerging actress in the dynamic world of Nollywood, is unwavering in her commitment to excellence as she opens up about her forthcoming project set to be filmed in Nigeria.

This exceptionally gifted actress, celebrated for her roles in movie productions such as "ISE(Act)" and "ASISÈ," is gearing up for a monumental leap in 2024. She is currently in the preparatory stages for an ambitious endeavor – an epic cinematic blockbuster that will feature some of the most distinguished figures in the industry. 

In an exclusive conversation with our team, Kikelomo Oguntade revealed that she is challenging industry stereotypes that have labeled her as someone unfamiliar with fluent Yoruba due to her UK residence. Undeterred, she affirmed that following the completion of her epic masterpiece, a captivating TV series is poised to follow suit.

Speaking further to our media team, Kikelomo Oguntade shared her vision for the grandeur of her epic movie, asserting that it is destined for a platform as prestigious as Amazon. Moreover, she expressed her aspirations to undertake a project of Netflix caliber in the near future.

Anticipation is high as Kikelomo Oguntade paves the way for an extraordinary 2024, where she plans to captivate audiences with a top-tier project. Wishing her the very best as she embarks on this exciting journey.

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